DIY With Dan & Mounika Sessions

DIY ProjectTaking inspiration from HGTV, Pinterest, and YouTube tutorials, more people than ever are tackling DIY home projects.   One of our recent clients, Dan and Mounika Sessions, took ideas they had seen and used them to transform their recently purchased home from cookie cutter to uniquely theirs, on a DIY budget.  From laying new flooring, many gallons of paint, installing new tile and many other updates, their home has been a true labor of love.

The Sessions used Shauna Sheets for their home purchase, and nearly one year after they moved in, we stopped by their home to talk to Mounika about their projects, and to see the transformation they had done.

Did you run into any unexpected issues or problems during the transformation?

Quite a few, actually! One of the first, and more memorable, was when we were installing a cupboard in the living room.  We had paint sitting at the top of the stairs, and once the cupboard was put together, we noticed that the paint had gone down the stairs and spilled everywhere.  We weren’t planning to do the flooring right away, but once that happened, plans quickly changed.

DIY ProjectWhat was the most budget friendly project you did?

Installing the luxury vinyl plank floor ourselves. It is expensive to hire someone to do it, so we had to consider our options.  We got the materials during a weekend holiday sale, we didn’t pay for labor or installation, and we had a professional measure the space for us for free, so it worked out well.  (To install the flooring themselves, they paid $2,151.35, instead of $4,960.33 to have it done professionally.)

Did you do most of the work yourselves or did you have professional help?

Everything was DIY.  Probably the closest we came to professional help was that Dan had worked with his father, who is a master electrician, so he knew how to change out outlets and do other electrical work.

What was your favorite project to tackle in the home?DIY Project

That’s a hard one! We have done so much, and so many things are hand built, so it’s hard to pick a favorite.  Everything has been so much fun to do and watch it come to life like what I had in my mind.  All the projects together make things work.

If you purchase another home, would you buy another one to do projects to, or would it be finished?

We are military, and we know we will be moving at some point.  We haven’t officially decided if we will buy when we move next, but if we do, I think that we enjoy this process too much to not purchase one we can make our own.

Whether you are an experienced DIY, or just a dreamer, being willing to attempt the project is half the battle.  If you are not comfortable with big projects, simple things like fresh coats of paint, or even a new light fixture can help transform a space.  No matter your skill level, taking steps to help turn your house into a home will always pay off.

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