Spring Cleaning is Right Around the Corner

It’s February.  The New Year is well underway and we are already looking forward to Valentine’s Day.  A few weeks later, my birthday (shameless plug), and then the official first day of SPRING!  Spring Cleaning . . .  Out with the old and dusty in with the new and fresh.  Carry that a Read More

How Does a Credit Score Affect a Mortgage?

For first-time homebuyers, understanding how their credit score will affect your mortgage eligibility can be tricky. Not only will your credit history help determine if you qualify for a mortgage, it can also shape the kind of mortgage you can get—and how much you end up paying for a home Read More

Young People Still Want to Buy Homes

Young millennials are waiting longer to buy houses than previous generations, leading some market experts to surmise that they simply don’t want to own property. This isn’t true. Millennials appear just as willing and eager to buy homes as anyone else — especially now that rising rents are surpassing the Read More

Trending Housing Markets

Over the past 39 years as an agent in the Rapid City real estate market, one of the questions I have been repeatedly asked is, “How is the current market?” Most agents will address trending housing markets with terms such as: good, bad, hot, or cold. Years ago, it occurred Read More

Overoming the Challenges for First Time Home Financing

First time home financing can be challenging. However, buyers who are prepared, and know what they can afford, can help expedite the process, saving themselves unnecessary headaches later. Before starting your home search, here are a few financial tips to consider. First, figure out what you can afford to pay Read More