Chapel Valley

The neighborhood of Chapel Valley is a wonderful place to raise a family. The community is close to  downtown, located on the west end of Rapid City. Chapel Valley was originally a golf course, but was  eventually developed into a residential community. Thanks to its early roots, the neighborhoods
within the community are lined with beautiful trees, and lots of open space.

The Valley is surrounded by steep forested walls on three sides, and Rapid Creek on the fourth.  Because of the geography, there is one road in and out of the subdivision, accessed via a bridge over  Rapid Creek. There are sidewalks throughout the subdivision that lead to a nature park with a gravel
walking path along Rapid Creek. There are also two playground areas, and a community area exclusive to Chapel Valley residents. The community area includes a swimming pool, basketball courts and a volleyball court.

You will also find the famous Chapel in the Hills, a replica of the Borgund Stavkirke (Stave Church) of Laerdal, Norway. The authentic grass-roofed store house was built in Norway and shipped to Chapel  Valley, where it was reassembled on the property. This building serves as the visitor center and offices
for the Lutheran Vespers. This beautiful location also is home to a parsonage and caretaker’s cabin.  The Chapel was dedicated in 1969 and sees between 20,000 and 25,000 visitors per year. Visit for more information about the Chapel.

At the entrance to Chapel Valley you will also find Canyon Lake and Canyon Lake Park, which connects to the main bike path running through Rapid City. The park includes lots of trees, beautiful grass areas for picnicking and playing, fishing opportunities along the lake, paddle boat rentals,
playgrounds, and picnic shelters. Head west on the bike path out of Chapel Valley, to find a community dog park along Rapid Creek.

The subdivision of Chapel Valley homes were primarily build in the 1970’s. You will find a variety of single family homes, along with multiple town home, and condo complexes. The 2014 average sales price for single family homes was $216,984, and $162,800 for town homes and condos. The average days on market for single family homes was 47, which is 12 days less than the market average. The days on the market for town homes and condos averaged 39 days.

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