Are you a Foodie? Looking for great restaurants in Rapid City?

Beet Salad from JuniperAs a bit of a foodie, I am finding great joy in the number of new, trendy restaurants, opening in Rapid City.  As a child growing up in Omaha, Nebraska (one of the best kept secrets for great dining) my parents blessed us with regular dining “experiences.”  I remember sitting in restaurant wanting my food NOW! and my dad would say, “Shauna, we are not at a fast food restaurant. . . we are here to enjoy the experience.” 

That stuck with me.  Now my goal when paying to eat out is making sure it is worth it!  I would love to be a restaurant consultant or secret “diner” so I can share what I think makes a GREAT place to eat.  It’s simple:

  1. DELICIOUS FOOD. Seriously, you are selling food – please make it delicious.  Use fresh ingredients, proven recipes and make sure you have an experienced cooking staff.
  2. APPROPRIATE PRICING. If you are family friendly, have budget friendly pricing.  If you are catering to a more discerning crowd, people will pay top dollar . . . but it better be amazing.
  3. QUALIFIED SERVERS. If you don’t love serving food, please don’t.  Find another job.  When I select a yummy restaurant, I want Junipera server who is not only friendly, but also knows and understands the menu, has tasted most everything and can give me qualified suggestions.  And for goodness sake, know what items are gluten free, dairy free and soy free!

If you are new to the area, here are some of my current favorites:

NOSH Mobile Eatery and Catering: $10 gets your two nice sized fish tacos, rice and a drink.  Like them on FB for daily schedule and locations.

Juniper: Only open in the evenings Tuesday-Saturday.  Limited gourmet menu.  Reservations recommended.  This place is amazing.  Consider it for your next date night!

Delmonico Grill: Great downtown location. Recently remodeled and menu expanded to include both budget friendly and fine dining selections.  Perfect lunch location for under $10!

Independent Ale: Grab your besties or double date with friends, and enjoy a wide selection of craft beers and my favorite pizza in town.  This is a “go-to” for my hubby and me.

KOL: This is a new trendy restaurant that I plan to keep my eye one.  I’ve enjoyed both meals that I’ve had there, and look forward my next visit.

If you would like to grab lunch, and discuss buying or selling a house, my treat!  Give me call at (605) 545-5430.

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