Spring Cleaning is Right Around the Corner

It’s Spring CleaningFebruary.  The New Year is well underway and we are already looking forward to Valentine’s Day.  A few weeks later, my birthday (shameless plug), and then the official first day of SPRING!  Spring Cleaning . . .  Out with the old and dusty in with the new and fresh.  Carry that a bit further, and it is easy to see why our minds start to shift to Real Estate.  Should I sell?  Should I buy?  Should I clean?

As we come out of the winter blues and look forward to another beautiful summer in the Black Hills, we at the Kahler Team are tracking the market and excited about what we see.  Whether you plan to move this spring or not, here are 5 Must-Do’s for homeowners, every spring:

  1. Clean out Closets – seriously.  Clothes, keepsakes, games, decorations . . . what items are stored in closets that you haven’t touched in five years?  Get rid of it.  Sell it. Give it. Trash it.  Simplify is the name of the game.
  1. Clean windows. If you’re like me, you notice how horrible your windows are when the sun shines through during your morning coffee.  Whether you hire it out or pull out your ladder, clean your windows and let the sun shine through.
  1. Clean out gutters!  The Black Hills has no shortage of pine trees and therefore pine needles.  Carefully remove those needles before our Spring rains begin!
  1. No More Water! If last year’s rains taught us anything it was how very important gutters are to our homes. Inspect downspouts, extensions, and the drainage path in your yard.  Make sure to keep rain water far far away from your foundation!
  1. Update.  Choose one item or one area in your home each year to invest in updates.  Counters? Flooring? Bathroom? Windows?  Stay on top of keeping your home updated and maintained.  You will be thankful when it’s time to sell.

These are just a few quick tips to help you stay on top of your biggest investment.  And for all your real estate needs, contact The Kahler Team at (605) 939-0508


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