Why the Kahler Team?

The Kahler TeamSpring is here, and March Madness is upon us.  Ask any realtor in Rapid City, and they will confirm that March Madness is in full swing in the real estate market, as well as on the basketball court. 

The correlation between the two confirms why I decided to join this powerful team.  If you watch a basketball team with the goal of the NCAA championship in sight, you see the beauty of teamwork in action. As talented as any individual player is on any team, they could never win this tournament on their own.  It is the cohesive effort of every team member combined, that leads to the success of the team.

As the newest agent to join The Kahler Team, I have been asked by several agents in the area why I decided to join The Kahler Team.  After all, I was experiencing some success as a rookie agent during my first year in the business as an independent agent, so why join a team?  The answer for me was quite simple – why not learn from the best?  The generational history of the Kahler family offers a wealth of real estate knowledge.   Working side by side with David, Jeremy and Shauna provides a platform for success.   What I have gleaned in the past 2 months could have taken me years to learn on my own.  We also have a support team that is in a class all of their own!  The security of having a staff of seasoned professionals seeing every detail of my transactions through from contract to closing is unmatched, and priceless in our fast paced real estate market.  One glance at a Kahler Team’s listing, compared to others on the MLS, sets our team apart!

My decision was based on more than the experience and success of the Kahler Team. There is something about this team the average agent, home buyer, or seller looking in from the outside may not see.  It was the heart of The Kahler Team that confirmed my decision to join.  Their core values, love of family, faith, ministry, and committed service to our community – all combined is the heart of our team members.  These values, along with a successful real estate business, made my decision easy.

Whether you are considering buying a home, selling a home, investing in real estate, or possibly considering a career in real estate, choose a team with a winning record,  just like I did. For more information on why you should choose the Kahler Team for your real estate needs, call us at (605) 939-0508.

Julie AughenbaughVisit https://www.thekahlerteam.com for more information about our team, or to search for your new home in the Rapid City/ Black Hills, SD area.

Julie Aughenbaugh
Phone: (605) 431-7560
Email: Julie.A@theKahlerTeam.com
Web: https://www.thekahlerteam.com

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