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Lenders & Borrowers Feeling Positive About Housing Market

Two recently released studies paint an optimistic picture of both buyer and lender confidence in the housing market. The first is Fannie Mae’s second quarter 2016 Mortgage Lender Sentiment Survey, which consulted with a broad selection of lenders to glean insight into what they think of the current market. “Lenders reported demand Read More

Selling Homes in the Summer

This Spring’s housing market experienced an early spike in buyers that had sellers and Realtors scrambling to meet demand. From July 1, 2015 to July 1, 2016 the average price of single family homes sold has seen an increase of 5.9%, a clear indication of value and supply meeting demand. Read More

Market Preview: Brexit Keeps Rate Low for the Time Being

A vote occurred on the other side of the Atlantic last week, and the result was unanticipated by most political wonks. As you no doubt know, the citizens of the United Kingdom voted their country out of the European Union.  And given the immediate response from financial markets around the Read More

Common, and Avoidable Mortgage Mistakes

If you’re in the market to purchase your first home, it can be easy to go into the entire process with a variety of misconceptions – which in turn open you up to costly errors. The following is the first installment of a two part guide to some of the most common Read More