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Term Life Insurance Can Protect Retirement Plan Contributions

Some of the typical reasons for life insurance are to replace a breadwinner’s salary, pay off large debts, and pay estate taxes. Another reason to carry life insurance—if it’s the right kind—can be to fund a retirement plan. To illustrate, let’s imagine a couple, both 55, with two grown children, Read More

The Happiest States in the Whole USA

My friends from across the country generally give me a lot of grief when I extoll the benefits of living in South Dakota. They often dismiss my enthusiasm for our state as a psychological game I play to pretend that living in what they perceive as a dreary outpost near Read More

Living with a Disability: Remodeling Your Home vs. Buying New

Is getting around the house growing harder with time? Or, perhaps you have a disability and are realizing that your current home doesn’t suit your needs. You don’t have to accept living in a home that’s unsafe or uncomfortable. If you’re ready to live in a home that meets your Read More

Avoid Costly IRA Mistakes

Investing through an IRA is a foundational method of retirement saving. Opening and contributing to an individual retirement account is not hard. That doesn’t mean IRAs are simple and easy to understand. I was reminded of this at the 2018 spring conference of the National Association of Personal Financial Advisors, Read More